Staz took an unconventional path to ballroom dancing. Having never danced as a youth, he started with Swing Dancing while attending the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and continued social dancing until departing the military in 2010. He entered an instructor training class, at a studio in Connecticut, on a whim and was quickly swept into a new world of dancesport.

After gaining a few professional certifications in Connecticut he traveled to Amman, Jordan to run a studio there. He had the opportunity to compete with his students in England, Monaco, Morocco, Italy and Jordan but after a few years, decided to move back stateside to pursue a Professional Competitive career.

He met his current dance partner on his first dayof work in Nashville, TN, and considers it a blessingto have walked into a lasting partnership so easily. He and Jackie Gonyea have developed their 9-dance skills and discovered their own expressive voice in Theater Arts. Staz maintains his passion for Argentine Tango, winning the Pro-Am Argentine Tango Championships at Millennium Dancesport in 2017 and 2019. He looks forward to developing the wonderful students at La Danse, Cleveland and improving on his unique ability to share his passion for dance witheveryone he meets.