Jackie Gonyea started her path to ballroom dancing with tap, jazz and ballet while growing up in Clarksville, TN. She started ballroom dancing in Nashville in 2000 and immediately fell in love with the energy of the sport and emotional expression of the art. She quickly became one of the most saught after instructors in her studio and was a favorite for all of the students she taught. She has danced pro-am at some of the largest ballroom competitions in the world and continues to challenge her students on and off the competition floor.

In 2015, she met her current dance partner and began training and competing seriously for the first time in her career. She developed quickly in 9-dance American Style as well as creating an elegant, graceful presence in her Theater Arts pieces. She and her partner have moved up the ranks in
both 9-dance and Theater Arts including a Theater Arts win at the 2018 San Diego Beach Bash.

After developing her 11+ year career in Nashville, she left her Supervisor role there and made the move north to LaDanse, Cleveland to establish herself as a competitive pro-am personality and put more energy into her
Pro Career.