Heidi Strizzi, 50, aerobics instructor at Progressive Insurance, Cleveland Racquet Club, and La Danse Cleveland; personal trainer.

My Number-One Fitness Tip: Behave in the kitchen!  No matter how many crunches or how much weight you lift, unless you’re eating right, you will never see the results of your labor.

The Routine I Swear By: Interval training – Mixing cardio with weight training is the most efficient workout.  Three minutes of cardio to increase heart rate to 70% of max, followed by a series of abs and weights for another three minutes to lower heart rate. Varying the heart rate boosts metabolism (burns calories).

One Thing I Always Avoid: Bad form.  If you use weights that are too heavy, you end up using momentum instead of muscle control.  Arched backs and hyper-extending joints lead to injuries.  Lighter weights and perfect form are preferred.

Best Equipment or Gear: Challenge tubing (stretchable rubber tubes with handles designed for resistance exercises).  There are countless ways to use them, they come in different strengths, and they’re very inexpensive.  They also pack well for trips and don’t require a large space to use them.