Attention Corporations…
It’s time to Dance for fun & fitness.

Wellness programs for employees have been found to foster better physical and mental health for workers. This, in turn, creates higher productivity through fewer health-related absences, lower health-related costs and better employee morale. Physical and mental fitness is truly a win-win situation for employees and employers.

La Danse Cleveland invites you to invite your staff to dance for fun and fitness. We will host an event for you at our fabulous, new Beachwood facility (the most spacious dance studio and ballroom floor in northeastern Ohio); OR…we’ll bring our talented instructors to your place of business. Either way is a perfect opportunity for your organization to get fit while having fun.

Dancing is magical; it’s energizing and fun. It’s no wonder that dancing has exploded in popularity. It’s even a great way to get (and stay) in shape! And if that’s not enough, dancing provides a terrific workout and improves mind-body coordination at the same time.

So, whether you want to bring your employees together for fun, fitness, or team-building, we suggest you call the friendly and helpful staff at La Danse Cleveland.