The Cha-cha is the youngest of the “Latin” dances. It is a true American dance, developed in the dance studios in the early 50’s as a mid-tempo variant between Rumba (a slow dance) and Mambo (a very fast dance). It is believed to have started as a step in Mambo – a triple step to replace the slow one to accommodate slower musical rhythms. cha-chaThis developed into an entirely new dance in it’s own right. Slower modern music has often inspired the evolution of popular dances such as Single Swing into Triple Swing and Quickstep into Slow Foxtrot. Cha-cha music is slower than Mambo/ Salsa but not much. It is quite a common upbeat musical tempo. The dance is alive and well in the Ballrooms today. It is flashy, sassy and full of itself. The Cha-cha styling is very similar to the Rumba and the Mambo. Like most Latin dances, your weight is forward, and most of the movement is below the ribcage. The steps are small, taken with the ball of the foot first to better execute the hip action commonly known as “cuban motion”. Cha-cha music is composed in 4/4 time. The rhythm is danced 2-3-4 & 1 or “rock step cha cha cha”. Cha Cha is a great dance for couples to take up together.

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