Diana began her life-long love of dance at age 5 when her parents put her into a tap dance class to redirect her “tomboy” athletic energy into a more “ladylike” physical activity!  She practiced daily, enjoying the exciting rhythms of tap dance – often to musicals. She then added Jazz, Ballet, Modern Dance (graduating from Indiana University with a Minor in Modern Dance), folkdances (especially Scandinavian), English    Country Dance, Contra Dance, and of course Ballroom Dance at LA DANSE! Even in her career as a Children’s Librarian, she was known as “The Dancing Librarian” to children because most of her programs involved music and dance. Her strong belief that dance can be enjoyed by people of ALL ages and abilities combined with her librarianship when she asked Patricia McMahon to write a book about “Dancing Wheels,” Cleveland’s innovative dance company of “stand-up”and “sit-down” dancers.  To date Diana has danced with wheel-chair students, students with cerebral palsy, stroke survivors, and mentally challenged students, being convinced that dance enhances everyone’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. She is enchanted with Ballroom dance at La Danse and is eager to share her expertise and enthusiasm with you!