An email from Donna Horvath, May 26, 2018

We had a wonderful lesson with Christopher on May 24th! He was so kind and considerate and easy to relate to, besides being very professional and a very good teacher!

Thanks so much for making us feel welcomed and for making the whole experience fun!

We will be back next Thursday. Enjoy an excellent holiday weekend!

Bob and Donna

A letter from Lawrence Kronick

Esther, first thanks for the expert instruction that gave me the confidence to lead Sara last Saturday night. The dance went very well and when I receive the final result from the videographer I will share it with you. Sara was a graceful, beautiful bride and followed in our dance just as you predicted.  The evening exceeded my expectations from the signing of the Ketubah, through the ceremony, the party, up until the last song by the band. I am just coming back to earth.

Thanks again,


Facebook Comment from Mary Kinley, June 7, 2015

Mary Kinley, 7:44pm Jun 7
Esther, I just viewed your and Tim’s dance for the spring event. Breathtaking!!! Oh, my heart !!! I WILL be back — dancing an exhibition is my dream and on my list, but still too busy with the 11 grandkids — and just got back from a trip to Paris with my daughter.

Mary Kinley, 7:47pm Jun 7
LOVED watching you two so very much. Will watch that again and agina to keep my dream alive will be back to dance for fun one of these fridays and then I’ll have the bug again.

Facebook Comment from Joann Laurenzi, June 6, 2015

Esther is the BEST and most PROFESSIONAL ballroom dance instructor I have had the honor to be trained by, really miss those days!

A letter from Scott Thomas, April 21, 2015


Thank you for giving me the wonderful world of ballroom dancing.  It is exciting, challenging, and satifying — a new journey in my life experiences.  Your instruction, direction, and friendship are truly appreciated.  The entire staff is so outstanding, and to be congratulated.


Scott Thomas

From Cleveland Hot list Best Dance Studio for Adults

Huge dance floor. Great friendly staff
Carol K.  March 11, 2015

From Cleveland Hot list Best Dance Studio for Adults

Large smooth floor, great instructors, friendly dancers. What’s not to love?
Jamie S.  March 11, 2015

From Cleveland Hot list Best Dance Studio for Adults
Friendly atmosphere
Pamela D.  March 10, 2015

From Cleveland Hot list Best Dance Studio for Adults
They are very friendly and personable
Terri B.  March 10, 2015

From Cleveland Hot list Best Dance Studio for Adults
LaDanse Cleveland! has a large dance floor, variety of good ballroom music, people are very friendly (singles & couples), dance instructors will dance with you & mixers.
Nancy W. ? March 10, 2015

From Cleveland Hot list Best Dance Studio for Adults
Really friendly environment, Lots of Singles on Fridays, Huge floor, Great dance classes for ALL levels. Definitely put LaDanse on your must do list. See you there!
Peter A.  March 10, 2015

From Cleveland Hot list Best Dance Studio for Adults
Best and biggest dance floor in the entire area. The host more open parties for the public. There are no forced contracts to sign.
Gregory P.  March 8, 2015


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6th of July 2018 03:12 PM Link
Its that time Dancers!! Mark your calendars for this years Fall Showcase, your not going to want to miss it!🕺💃
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4th of July 2018 07:12 PM Link
Come join Toshko Kondov for his American Rhythm 8 Week Boot Camp! Call or message for details.
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14th of June 2018 10:02 PM Link
What do you think Dancers, does your teacher resemble “The Greatest”? 😀
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12th of June 2018 12:38 PM Link
Marianne Nicole is in the House!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉
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5th of June 2018 07:18 PM Link
1st of May 2018 12:58 PM Link
Congratulations Kristen Dobson & Toshko Kondov on winning Rising Star Rhythm and making final from a Quarter Final in Open placing 4th at Wisconsin State Dancesport🎉👏🏻
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19th of April 2018 04:49 PM Link
Maureen and Toshko Kondov preparing for Spotlight⭐️💃🏼💫🤠🕴🏻June 9th, there’s still time to join our cast!!
17th of April 2018 06:36 PM Link
We would like to give a shout out to everyone who competed at Michigan Dance Challenge ! We would also like to recognize the people who won some special awards:
-Toshko Kondov: 4th Top Teacher and Joined Mark Brock Physco Club(over 300 heats)
-Kristen Dobson & Todor Kondov : Rising Star Rhythm champions & Open Rhythm finalists
-Charles Buschert: Closed Smooth Vice Champion
-Angeleena Wheatley: Ladies A Closed Rhythm champion & closed smooth vice champion
-Deborah Janicka Cumberland : Ladies Closed Standard Finalist
-Doug Green: 2018 Top Male Newcomer
-Maria Green: Open Rhythm Champion
-Maureen Brennan: Ladies Closed Standard Champion
-Sarah Gabinet: Ladies B Closed Rhythm Finalist
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